At the simplest level, we want to connect successful food producers with the eaters around them so that no good food goes to waste.

More and more people are learning about the benefits of growing their own food, cutting out the transportation chains and being able to know exactly what they're putting into their bodies. Whether you grow your food with hydroponics, aeroponics, or aquaponics in your condo or apartment, or you have a container garden on your balcony, whether you have a yard with trees or raised beds, however you grow your own food, you may find yourself growing a smaller variety of things than you'd like to eat, or too much of one thing or another. You might have a black thumb for strawberries and a green thumb for squash. Your neighbor might have the opposite talents. Maybe you've decided to raise chickens in your backyard and now you've got a dozen more eggs than you can eat. What do you do with this bounty? 

Sure, you could post it on Facebook or Nextdoor or even Reddit, but your posts are likely to be buried under all the hilarious cat videos and inspirational messages or under complaints about someone parking in front of their house.

City to Table aims to be the best place to post your food and to find your next hyper local meal.


“It can be frightening to do what you care about because it matters so much to you. So you have to trick yourself into starting…. When doing something that seems risky, I find it helpful to remember that not doing it will be worse. You’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had tried. It will haunt you. So even though you are afraid, it is better to proceed and fail than to not try at all…. In the end, success in life is contributing through your individual work to something that really matters to you and other people.”
— - Gloria Steinem